About Shamrock Shirts

Australia's largest range of automotive t-shirts.

No matter what form of motorsport you're into, or what kind of car you drive, our extensive range of original designs will have something perfect for you.  

We hand-draw our car designs based on photos taken by our own staff at motorsport events around Sydney, so you can be sure you're getting an authentic original t-shirt.  

Our clothes are hand-printed in-house at our Castle Hill workshop and shipped to your door free of charge.  The range includes vehicle images, automotive slogans, tv and movie quotes, funny slogans and custom merchandise.

Our company is run by people passionate about what they do, and with over 20 years experience in the motor industry and merchandising, we have the right stuff to give you top customer service.  We are a family business, based in Sydney Australia.

Shamrock Shirts is a part of the Shamrock Online Retail group, established in 2007.