Subaru WRX hoodie with Japanese kanji script
Grey men's hoodie with made in Japan printed in Kanji script.
Subaru WRX hoodie featuring the GC8 Impreza
Man wearing a grey hoodie with Made in Japan in Kanji script printed on the front.
Men's Subaru Impreza WRX hoodie side view.
Men's Subaru WRX hoodie back view.
Men's Subaru WRX hoodie size guide.

Subaru WRX Hoodie

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Subaru WRX Hoodie - GC8 Impreza Hooded Jumper

This JDM series Subaru WRX hoodie features the rear view of the classic GC8 Impreza. With it's Boxer Engine, you can hear that WRX growl coming from the next town!
Your GC8 WRX hoodie is fleecy lined cotton and is mid-weight so it's not bulky to wear. It features Japanese script on the front which says 'made in Japan' and the WRX silhouette on the back.

Subaru WRX hoodie is available in sizes S-3XL.

Match your hoodie up with the GC8 WRX t-shirt for a complete Impreza look.