Nissan R31 Skyline hoodie featuring the GTST and Japanese Kanji.
Grey men's hoodie with made in Japan printed in Kanji script.
Nissan R31 Skyline men's hoodie rear view.
Man wearing a grey hoodie with Made in Japan in Kanji script printed on the front.
Men's Nissan R31 hoodie side view.
Man wearing a grey hoodie with a Nissan R31 Skyline printed on the back.
Men's Nissan R31 hoodie size guide.

Nissan R31 Skyline Hoodie

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Nissan R31 Hoodie - Skyline GTST Hooded Jumper

This 'made in Japan' series Nissan R31 hoodie features the classic GTS-T Skyline.  With those iconic twin tail lights, the R31 Skyline is a true Japanese classic car.
Your R31 Skyline hoodie is fleecy lined cotton and is mid-weight so it's not bulky to wear. It features Japanese script on the front which says 'made in Japan' and the R31 silhouette on the back.

This hand printed Nissan R31 hoodie is available in sizes S-3XL.

Layer your cars up for the winter months and team this with a Nissan R31 Skyline t-shirt.