Grey hoodie with a classic Holden HZ Kingswood car printed on the front
White hoodie with a classic Holden HZ Kingswood car printed on the front

Holden HZ Hoodie

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Our HZ Kingswood hoodies takes you straight back to the 1970s. When family cars were big, fuel-guzzling monsters. With vinyl seats that would take your skin off on hot days. And enough room in the back to pile all of your mates in for a day at the beach. Good times.

In 1977 the HZ Kingswood SL was in driveways across the country. Our hoodie features the front silhouette of this classic Holden car. With that iconic grille and squared-off seventies styling.

And this jumper is as comfortable as a Kingswood back seat. Made from super fleecy lined cotton/polyester with a regular fit and long length. We have sizes to fit every Holden enthusiast and a t-shirt to go under it.

SML 47 cm 71 cm
MED 52 cm 75 cm
LRG 56.5 cm 78.5 cm
XLG 61 cm 82 cm
2XL 64 cm 83.5 cm
3XL 68 cm 85 cm
4XL 75 cm 87 cm



SML 52 cm 72 cm
MED 55 cm 74.5 cm
LRG 58 cm 77 cm
XLG 61 cm 79.5 cm
2XL 64 cm 82 cm
3XL 67 cm 84.5 cm
4XL 70 cm 85.5 cm

Why choose us?

Designed and printed in Australia

Our clothing is hand-drawn and hand-printed on ethically made apparel. We're car people, so we know what you want and what makes a good automotive design. 

We are a small Australian owned family business, and we've been bringing you car clothing since 2007.

And in 2021, we're donating $1 for every item sold to the Oakville Rural Bushfire Brigade.


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