Datsun 240z car printed on a grey hoodie.
Datsun 240z car printed on a white hoodie.
Man wearing a grey hoodie with a Datsun 240z car printed on it.

Datsun 240z Hoodie

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Datsun 240z Hoodie - Fairlady Z Hooded Jumper

This Datsun 240z hoodie features the rear silhouette of a Fairlady Z, an original Shamrock Shirts design. A classic JDM car from the days when styling was more important than safety. There's just nothing quite like the look of a Fairlady.  It's styling never seems to age.
Keep warm in winter without covering up your ride.  Your Datsun 240z hoodie is mid-weight so it's warm without being bulky.  It features a lined hood with matching drawstring and a front pocket.  Perfect for chilly mornings.

Datsun 240z hoodie is available in grey or white.

Make sure when you take your jumper off, you've got a Datsun 240z t-shirt on underneath!