Beagle pulse women's black hoodie.
Beagle pulse women's grey hoodie.
Beagle pulse women's navy hoodie.
Women's Beagle dog grey hoodie front view.
Women's Beagle dog grey hoodie side view.
Women's Beagle dog grey hoodie back view.
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Beagle Pulse Women's Hoodie

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Beagle Pulse Women's Hoodie by Pooch Face

Our women's Beagle Pulse Hoodie is for the girls whose hearts race at the mere thought of a Beagle. Or if you're a Beagle owner, maybe your heart is just racing at the thought of what the hell they've just eaten in the 5 seconds you had your back turned! lol

Either way, this Beagle Pulse hoodie is the perfect jumper for you.  It's mid-weight so it's not too bulky for the Aussie winter, but fleecy lined so it's still warm.  Specifically cut for women with a shorter length than the men's hoodies and a relaxed fit, it's super comfy. With the amount of 'glitter' the beags will leave on it, we know you'll be washing it regularly, so rest assured that it's already preshrunk so it won't shrink or lose its shape in the wash.

Beagle Pulse women's hoodie available in sizes XS to XL.