Over the Hill and Picking up Speed black men's t-shirt.
Over the Hill and Picking up Speed grey men's t-shirt.


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My mother always told me that it was all downhill from 40, that as soon as you reach that 'middle age' hump in the road, things start falling apart.  Funny how middle age is different for everyone, I certainly don't feel like I'm over the hill just yet!  This is a great joke t-shirt for a birthday gift, Father's Day or Christmas.  A light hearted poke about getting older, even if they aren't! 

✔ 100% cotton, mid-weight t-shirt

✔ Relaxed fit so it's not too tight, but also not baggy.

✔ Side seams so the body won't twist.

✔ Pre-shrunk so it won't shrink in the wash.

Choosing the Right Size
It's easy to make sure you're getting the right size.  Grab a t-shirt you already have that fits you, and measure it across the front from armpit to armpit.  Compare that measurement to the sizing chart.  That's your size!